21. January 2019


CLASS - Professional Research for your Advance

High Quality Research

We have many years of experience in the field of Dry Eye as well as Meibomian Gland Atrophy. Progressive research distinguishes our international team.

Extensive subject pool

Due to the large number of test persons of different age, refractive status, nationality and condition of the anterior eye segment we are able to conduct almost any study for any criteria.

Profound Knowledge

Our entire team has extensive knowledge in the field of clinical research. Due to many years of experience and research, we have an extensive store of knowledge at our disposal. We expand this knowledge every day.

Latest measurement technology

Since we perform a comprehensive analysis of the anterior segment of the eye and document a large number of parameters, we use the latest technology. In addition, we work closely with industry and universities in order to make optimal use of synergy effects.

Our great Team

Get in touch with our team members all around the world

International Know-How

Find our members all around the world - industry, university, research laboratory.

Publications and References

Find out more about our international publications and references as a result of long-term research and colaboration

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